Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Another Bust, Maybe

We've been hearing for 48 hours about this big snow--15" of heavy, wet snow.  School was dismissed early today to get everyone home safely; I worked double hours yesterday so I could stay home today.  My parents checked in.


It's damp.  We've seen flurries.  They've dropped the totals to 2".  And I think that is on the high side. 

Bud even said yesterday that he was done with snow days.  "I've done everything I'm going to do on a snow day, Mom."  I hear you, Bud.

So we watched Iron Man as we try to blow through all the MCU movies before Infinity War in April.  I did some reading for CPE in Armstrong's Case for God.  Mama worked from home.  Later, Sis went to help exercise the horses and Bud went to kung fu.

I still get excited about snow and am disappointed this was a bust.  Even if we get 6" overnight, I didn't get to watch it today.  Oh, well.  Spring in New England.

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