Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Here are some notes on the week since the Super Bowl:

  • I'm so glad the Patriots didn't win.  Yay, Eagles!  It was a pretty good game.  
  • My mom arrives in about an hour, having canceled her last trip when my uncle died and then not coming for Christmas.  I don't think we've seen her since the summer.
  • My back is out.  A cocktail of lots of driving, lots of sitting at the Zentangle retreat, starting my period, stress at hospice, and sitting in a booth for lunch ended with my standing up from lunch and not being able to take a step.  Mama even had to come fetch me and get me to the car in a wheelchair.  With meds, rest, and my great adjustable bed, I'm already taking a few steps on my own.  Still, I had to skip hospice today and it was a bit embarrassing to be so helpless there yesterday.  And a good reminder to take it easier.  I had been making back progress though--I don't wear my brace at hospice and I've been on my treadmill a lot recently.  Just bad timing, I think.  
  • Zentangle retreat:  another beautiful experience at Copper Beech Mindfulness Institute for a weekend of Zentangling.  I'll write about it later.
  • I had fun at last week's speedskating practice.  While sitting in the stands watching, I met a young girl, who was interested in skating, and her mom--who had been on the national speedskating team AND been an alternate at the Calgary Olympics.  So cool!  And Sis had a big fall--she was letting it fly in a race, letting go of all caution, and wiped out trying to pass the leader.  It was too fast even to get nervous--I saw the fall and she slid a lot and then hopped back up.  Whew. Relief.  It was only nervewracking after the fact.
  • It's Chinese New Year season and Bud has had a lot of kung fu performances.  I think there's at least one this weekend and then perhaps two the weekend after.
  • I'm really enjoying the Olympics, as is the whole family.  Bud picks up on the lingo of whatever sport he's watching--luge, slopestyle snowboarding, half pipe, figure skating.  Sis is excited about all of the short track speedskating, her own sport.  One of the team members even got his start on her team, though way before us.

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