Monday, October 30, 2017

The Circle of Crochet

Remember two years ago when I created a mandala in honor of crocheter Marinke and mental health awareness?  Today, I received a copy of the book, Mandalas for Marinke, by Crochet Concupiescence's Kathryn Vercillo (you can buy one here.)  And it is beautiful!  It's a rainbow collection of creativity and craft in honor of an amazing woman and an important social issue (you can see my quote on page 57.)  It's such a gift, a blessing, and I'm so honored to have participated.  There will be an exhibition in November, out in California, a wonderful way to celebrate this loving project.

My favorite part of the book is all the color illustrations--and in some of the layouts, the hundreds of mandalas are arranged in mandalas or rainbows!  It's beautiful. And inspiring.  I'm ready to go make some more mandalas (if you want to learn how, beyond a pattern in this book, a book of Marinke's mandalas was published posthumously.)  Here's just one of the shots, from the promotional page (though, I can't find my actual mandala in any of the mandala mosaics in the book.  And really, that's ok; it's not at all about me.)

Look, mine's above the lower left corner, with variegated yarn and a strong yellow round near the middle.

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