Monday, April 24, 2017

Seasonal Hobbies

When I'm not chaffeuring kids or doing any of my volunteer work or chores and errands, I am exploring a few new hobbies, which change a little with the season (I crochet more during the colder months, but I do have a spring project.)  And there's always piano.  I don't read as much as a). people seem to think I do or b). I'd like.  I do have several on my kindle and proverbial night stand--a book on the porcupine theory of parenting, a book by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich on Mormon women in the 19th century, a history of stone walls in New England, a travel essay book on recreating the Oregon Trail, and who knows what else, really.

I just signed up for a class in recognizing bird songs through the orinthological lab at Cornell.  As I was following the sample lesson on the American robin ("cheerily, cheerily, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up"), the cats went nuts!  Soon, Albus was at my shoulder and Hermione was at my feet, both with big wide eyes.  They kept looking around trying to locate the singing bird.  For the cats' response alone, I signed up for the class!

I still have my weekly Natural Singer lessons, either audio or video alternating.  I do the audio ones more often because I can play them on my phone as I do chores around the house.  I don't know if I'm improving, but I do have more confidence.  I'm a better singer if I do it accapella than if I try to sing along to something, becauseI can't keep up with the words or the breathing.  Still, I'd rather sing along to my favroite songs.

With the good weather, we're doing more bike riding.  Mama has worked out some local trails that we can all do (wide and flat.)  I'll need some more practice before I can really do a long ride.

And then there's my Yoga Dance class!  I think this is my first exercise class ever, unless you count a few seasons of ballroom dancing.  I'm not sure it's an exercise class in the truest sense of the word, nor a yoga class either.  It's more of a free-form movement class with some more choreographed segments.  And there's an overlay of mysticism (is that the word?), with references to chakras (which here has to do with slower or faster, abdomen or arms, etc.)  I love it.  I knew I'd found my people when, during the first lesson, the teacher would move left and some of the class moved left and some moved right!  See, I always follow the teacher, as a mirror, not going the way she is going, i.e. to right or left.  I can't do it, or even explain it!  Anyway, it begins with some mat time and then lots of dance--sometimes based in yoga poses like Warrior 2 or Goddess (I don't really know their names), sometimes free-flowing, sometimes a class form (like a promenade)--and then some final mat stretches.  I wear a skirt because I like the swishing feeling, with bike shorts underneath.  And these little grip socks so I don't slip.  What's not to like?

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