Friday, May 4, 2018

Christmas in May

Yep, we're making Christmas plans. 

You'll never believe this:  we're going to Bangkok!

After lots of discussion about timing--the complicated health of my in-laws (Ma's sight is going again, with no more corrective surgeries available), the increased difficulty of school as the kids get older, even the weather in Thailand--we decided.  We'll all go to Thailand to see where Ma and Gong grew up, the culture, especially food and religion, that influences the family, a place Mama remembers in her childhood and dreams. 

I know, I know, two international trips in one year, plus a week at Audubon Camp (and a few other camps for the kids), and a trip to Texas sometime in the next school year.  It's a lot.  But it means so much. 

We have so very much to learn before then, though I don't think we'll be trying Thai at all.  There's more to it than the King and I (which is actually banned and could get you arrested.) 

I can't believe we're going.

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