Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting Bigger

I sat with most of our Cadette Girl Scout Troop this evening, listening to each girl read a poem or piece.  How much they've grown since we started our Daisy troop back in 2009!  Taller--one is even taller than me, which rarely happens (I'm about 5'7"+ so women are rarely taller than I am, much less tweens!)  Besides just being tall, they are so composed, so mature--young women caught between childhood and adulthood.  So even as they read "If" by Kipling and "The Road Less Traveled" by Frost, and even "Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives" by Prince Ea, they also read from The Velveteen Rabbit and Shel Silverstein.  And they giggled and danced around playing charades.  I've watched these girls grow up and I'm not sure I really even saw it happening, even though I've seen them pretty much every other week for over seven years now.  They were little, little girls and now . . . well, they're taller than I am.

And then last night, we went to middle school open house.  Middle school.  Talk about time flying.  Do you realize the kids are closer to college than to kindergarten now?  In less than four years, they could be driving.  I had been nervous about middle school for them, mostlly worried about how they would make new friends.  Academics haven't been much of a challenge thus far and they are both approaching the new school year conscientiously.  Still, honors classes, French, changing clothes for gym, 9 different teachers, school clubs, kids from three other elementary schools.  And teachers who are just . . . so clearly not elementary school teachers.  It's a lot to take in.  For them, too!

But I like my kids and the people they are growing into, so, for now, I'm only sort of nervous about the next five years.

Kid Tidbit from school already:  When his French teacher asked the class what French they knew, Bud quoted Hamilton, "Oui, oui, mon ami, je m'appelle Bud!"

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