Saturday, July 15, 2017


The kiddos are twelve.  12!  As Bud put it, there are only 364 days until they're teenagers.


Our celebrations have been relatively constant but also low key.  We spent last weekend opening presents, eating out, and having fun (with videogames, a new puzzle, movies.)  We also went on Sunday to welcome my brother-in-law Goo to Connecticut.  Yep, he's a new Nutmegger!  He moved into a condo not far from the hospital in which he'll be working.  Very exciting.  And nice to have him so close.  Only downside:  his AC promptly quit and so he spent two nights here as the landlord and the HVAC guys got it fixed.  It was so hot and muggy this week--until a high of 65 on Friday, that is!--that AC was a must (I know, I know, first-world problem.)  So, his studying for his licensure exams fell behind but we enjoyed seeing him.

Sis was with her beloved horses all week, helping out with camp.  Yep, this year she was a helper, not a camper.  And she loved it.  She spent about 4 hours each day, more on her lesson and lease days, with her horses and her riding buddies.  She loves everything about the stable, even the manure.  See, it's a tradition at her farm to throw the birthday girl into the stable's manure pile.  Sis was tickled pink and barely resisted as the bigger girls picked her up.  Thankfully, they threw her into the hay-part of the pile, but she did manage to muck up her hands and boots getting up.  We laughed and laughed all the way home.  "Mom, I just can't stop smiling," she said.  It's fun to be a part of things, even if it's in the manure pile.  And being thrown in meant she belonged.  We laughed about it for a few days.

That night, we went to a summer picnic and told the story, showing the pictures, to everyone we knew.  Happy birthdays all around.  At the party we had a lot of great food to eat--lobster rolls, pulled pork, barbecue chicken, giant turkey leg, sliders, kettle corn, and great Cherry Coke floats.  I also tried a Long Island Iced Tea--I'd never had one--mercy, those taste like tea!  But with vodka, tequila, triple sec, and rum (plus cola and lemon juice), those could also mess you up.  Sis climbed a rock wall, twice, beautifully and I got a hair tattoo (metallic flowers in a row.)  Sis and I also rode on the ferris wheel, which swayed more than I remembered.  I had never been on a small, portable carnival wheel, only ones at amuseument parks.  Sitll it was a few stories high and a bit nerve-wracking.  Sis, who had never been on one, had a good time.

While Sis was at horse camp this week, Bud and I mainly played games together and went for nice lunches.  On Friday, we went to see Spiderman: Homecoming, which I greatly enjoyed.  He and I laughed aloud quite a bit.  I even gasped, apparently loudly, when they dropped the Lego Death Star.  Bud, I think, was embarrassed a bit and later told me people turned to look at me!  Ah, well, I'd gasp if we ever dropped the hard-to-make Lego Death Star!  Anyway, I think it was a nice coming-of-age story.  Highly recommend.

And tonight is Sis's slumber party.  There are three other girls here for macaroni and cheese, cake and ice cream, lots of snacks, and who knows what else tonight.  Mama and Bud have gone out to dinner and then store-hopping.  They'll be back later tonight for a Splattoon videogame marathon.  I'm the mom in charge of the sleepover, so I'm cooking and keeping an ear on things.  It's surprisingly quiet right now.

Perhaps I should go . . . .

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