Thursday, March 9, 2017


It's blowing like mad outside--it even knocked over our freestanding basketball hoop!  But it's sunny and warm.

Until tonight, when we might have 2-5" snow, depending on the forecast.  Which means, there could be a school delay . . . and since it was already an early dismissal, they might not have school at all.  Which is great because Mama wanted to try to take the kids skiing.

And I hear there might be a nor'easter in the pipeline for snow on Tuesday.


On Tuesday night, there was a hip-hop dance lesson at school.  Both kids went, but Bud was much more interested in it.  And he's so good!  Several people said he was a natural.  He certainly is flexible and he learns quickly!  (Though, I heard Timberlake's "Can't Fight This Feeling" too many times.)  Maybe we can get him into dance lessons this summer.


Summer.  Yep, already planning summer activities.  Sis will do a week away at computer camp and a week at speedskating camp.  Bud will do theater camp and maybe those dance lessons.  As a family, we're going to a weeklong Audubon camp in Maine.  And then we'll visit Texas for a bit in the summer, which will be great (and really hot.)


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