Saturday, January 28, 2017

Week One

It's been quite a week.
  • The immediate ban on refugees from seven Muslim countries
  • Bannon on National Security Council, Chairman of Joint Chiefs out
  • The gag order for the EPA, USDA, National Park Service
  • The ban on funding for international health programs that offer abortion
  • Pulling out of the Pacific Trade partnership
  • Building the wall
  • Restarting DAPL
  • Gutting "Obamacare"/ACA
  • Government hiring freeze
  • Deleting the LGBT page and climate change page from
  • Going after the NEA/NEH, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Also the Endangered Species Act
  • Obsession with size of his inaugural crowds and voter fraud
  • Ignoring the Women's March
  • Not divesting from his companies
  • Not releasing his taxes
  • "Alternative facts"
And those are just the ones I'm coming up with right off the top.

I know that dear old Mr. Rogers said, in times of emergency, to look to the helpers.  Here are just a few:

  • Dan Rather's News and Guts
  • The 2.9 million people at various Women's Marches in the U.S. (and on all seven continents!), including numerous people I know
  • Plans for marches by scientists, LGBT pride, and more.
  • The alt nps twitter feed
  • New Yorkers rushing to JFK to help detained Muslim travelers
  • #cuteanimaltweetoff
And so, the first week is over.  I wonder if all of his announcements and executive orders are a strategy to overwhelm and exhaust democrats, liberals, the opposition.   And I am overwhelmed and exhausted by the election and the new presidency.

And I haven't yet figured what to do exactly, besides petitions and phone calls and donations.  But I'm still paying attention.

And I won't be silent.

Stay woke, as they say, people.