Monday, November 28, 2016

Taking a Hike

After gorging on Thanksgiving, we lazed around the house all of Friday.  I'm not sure any of us got out of our jammies.

On Saturday we were similarly lazy, in that we caught a double feature at the theater with the recliners.  We saw Fantastic Beasts again (and noticed more than the first time) and then Moana, with its catchy Lin-Manuel Miranda songs, lovely (and historically accurate, even) Oceanic setting and details, and the young-woman-finds-herself-and-triumphs-over-adversity Disney (not-a) princess story.

We finally got out and moving on Sunday, a warmer and somewhat sunnier day.  We went for a hike.  We're really becoming a little hiking family.  We had our snacks, water, walking sticks, and I had my new little sling bag for carrying things.  And we each "hiked our own hike," a phrase I picked up in Bryson's Appalachian Trail tale, A Walk in the Woods.  Mama and Sis did some whittling on pieces of cedar that they picked up.  Bud alternately used his walking stick from Pop as a kung fu spear and broad sword.  And I, ever the historian, thought of the Native American and then settlers' use of the land as it appeared in toolmaking sites, charcoal kilns, rock quarries, and stone walls (I even thought about the prehistoric creation of those stones millions of years ago.)

And now it's Monday and we're back in the swing of things.  Mama is at work, kids at school, and I have chores and a hospice visit.

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