Friday, November 18, 2016


Thanksgiving is next week and, while I know I have so much to be grateful for, I'm just not feeling it yet.  I'm irksome.  I'm rather disillusioned and disgusted with the whole shebang right now.  I can barely get through my FB feed.  Or the newspaper.  (Though, as a side note, I'm loving all the mischievous  Biden memes.) All the talk of coming together and love on FB is annoying me.  "Love always wins"--yeah, except, you know, the election.  Sometime shit does actually happen and I think we do ourselves a disservice to pretend otherwise.  Random acts of kindness do not erase the real effects of racism, sexism, intolerance, violence, income inequality, environmental collapse, and the like.  For now, I feel like they are pablum to make us feel better that we're not doing more.  And frankly, they make liberal white women (because that's where it seems to be coming from) look silly.  Now, I'm not saying go be an asshole like the President-Elect.  And buying a stranger's cup of coffee is good.  And I do like the safety pin movement because, as a lesbian with biracial children, I appreciate knowing who would support me in the event of conflict.  But I'm looking for a little more practicality and realism than "love."  Especially because that is NOT the game the other team is playing.

I've given this some thought ever since I read an article about why Martin Luther King, Jr and later Barack Obama both looked at Unitarian Universalism and rejected it--its embrace of inherent worth and the search for truth and justice was too positive and didn't address the real losses and real suffering of many communities, particularly African American, both urban and Southern.  The UU focus on the goodness of humans can leave followers at a loss when faced with people who behave dishonestly, selfishly, immorally, violently, illegally, etc.  There have been discussions of why UU kids have trouble when they realize not everyone believes in inherent worth, the interdependent web, and acknowledging the importance of various sources of knowledge, etc.   I think it might be the reason so many UUs now embrace Buddhism--myself included--because it acknowledges suffering and how to address it skillfully.  I think that's one of the reasons I'm frustrated with all the "stronger together" talk now.  I'm sure I'll find a middle ground.

Still, I haven't decided what I want to do about it all.

Well, I have--I'm planning my Thanksgiving menu.


  1. I have been sitting at Meeting for Worship lately, and meditating.

    I hear the discouragement in your post here Jamie. These do feel like dark days.

    I feel that change comes in many ways. Big, courageous actions and small, thoughtful acts can all contribute to the light we need.

    Personally, I've been looking for the recruiting posters for Dumbledore's Army. Until I find a recruiting office in a strip mall (which are few and far between here in Vermont), I'll be gathering our kindred spirits close. It's a time for self care, care of others and bringing resistance however we can...wearing safety pins, ( writing letters to those in power, attending a demonstration, reading to inform...

    Sometimes chaos comes before big change. Perhaps our nation will be pushed to the limits of decency before it realizes what will be lost if we do not stop He Who Shall Not Be Named.

    I chose hope and love and light. Sending you some too. xo

  2. Years ago someone said roughly If good men stand around and do nothing then evil will triumph. The people in power do listen as long as there is enough coherent noise. 5000 letters a day for a week will make your representative listen, but they need to be individually handwritten, that way some poor nut has to read each one just in case.