Monday, November 21, 2016

Coming Un-Stuck

Kind words from friends and our minister at church yesterday.

Some food from Mama's coworkers, a card from a friend in Vermont.

A walk in the woods . . . with ducks.  And Mama.

Seeing an accipiter overhead this morning (not sure if it was a Cooper's Hawk or a Peregrine, which I know aren't that close, but it was high and directly overhead so hard to spot with my binoculars.)

A big drop in temperature and some flurries at the bus stop.

And Sis went to school--her fever has been gone since Thursday and she feels better.

Doing some of the chores on my list--laundry, the beginning of Thanksgiving shopping, some emails, straightening the house.

I don't feel as cynical and sarcastic as I did yesterday, not quite as grumpy, or as close to despair (I've been sad but I wouldn't say despairing--definitely pessimistic.)  I was exhausted this weekend, with long naps, but today I wasn't as wiped.

I even picked up sweet Mojito's ashes, in a black urn with silver paw prints.  It came with an impression of his little paw.  The whole box weighed more than he did!  I cried some, but that's okay.

Just 1 1/2 school days 'til Thanksgiving.

I'm grateful.


  1. It is your age. Takes about 3 years to clear but then life gets a lot better.

  2. so glad you are "coming un-stuck".