Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

It's just after midnight and I'm watching the first season of "Arrow," about the archer superhero (with two actors from "Doctor Who," John Barrowman and Alex Kingston, which was odd at first.)  The kids are sound asleep, after a long day of school, Minecraft, Ant-Man the movie, and then the documentary on Hamilton, which brought up wonderful memories of seeing the show (and spotting Lin-Manuel Miranda by him ponytail at Secret Garden!)  Mama is out of town for the weekend, having a break and taking a class on 19th-century celestial navigation.  Can't wait to hear all about it.

So, Hamilton.  There were clips from the show (albeit not long enough), discussions with Miranda and his musical cabinet, interviews with major governmental figures (Presidents Obama and Bush, Laura Bush, Sen Elizabeth Warren, and a few Secretaries of the Treasury), and visits to several of the historical sites of the time.  It was just a wonderful trip back to the show, especially as we won't be going again any time soon; so lucky we got to go the first time, with the original cast.  I'll treasure it.  I wonder how much I would notice?  Like singing about taking a shot while drinking shots?  How Jefferson is singing jazz while everyone else is rapping because he hasn't caught up?  Much of the documentary footage was from the beginning creation of the show--prescient of Miranda to record so much.  I just like everything about Hamilton more and more.

Besides, engaging with politics from 200 years ago is easier than thinking about those today.  Trump is awful.  I just can't even say how much.  There are hundreds of articles outlining all the ways.  And why he's risen in power.  And what might happen with his followers and the level of discourse and civility in this country WHEN he loses.  Ugh ugh ugh.   And I'm not settling for Clinton; I voted for her in the primary against Obama eight years ago.  I don't see it as a choice between two evils now.  Clinton is intelligent, decisive, knowledgable, experienced, steady, and knows the game both at home and abroad.  Trump can't hold a candle to her.  Is she flawed?  Sure.  But if Hamilton shows us anything, it's that history-makers are.

Other things on my mind:  my parents' home was burglarized while they were away.  The thieves--probably teenagers messing around, according to the police--only took an old camera and a go pro, not jewelry or silver or tvs or computers.  It's unsettling and a hassle, but nothing like the burglary when I was a child (we came home from the bay after Father's Day weekend to find cops in the driveway--so much was taken and never recovered) or the fire when I was in grad school.  It's a bad ending for them after such a great road trip.  We loved having them up here.

My cat Mo is right here.  Hermione is at my feet.  Albus was around but I can't see him right now.  And no doubt Eris is in the hallway.  They were all in here having treats earlier.  I had given Mo his fluids earlier, which is always a tense 10 minutes for him.  Otherwise, he's been doing great.  He runs around, eats his treats, has his special arm time, walks around the bookcases--all his normal cat things.  He's been sitting near me more often; I think his skinny little body is cold, as many older people often are.  Truly, I wasn't sure he'd last this long.  And if these are his last days/weeks/months, they're pretty damned good.

Halloween is coming up.  Mama and the kids have been working hard on their Ghostbusters costumes (yep, they're both Ghostbusters.  Sis is Holtzman and N is a classic Ghostbuster), making elaborate proton packs with bits and pieces from the dollar store and black spray paint.  And last night, we all worked on a Ghostbusters Mobile Storage Unit for trunk or treat, the school party where students go from car to car in the school parking lot trick or treating--it's also bits and pieces, but with red spray paint.  The event was supposed to be tomorrow but was postponed due to rain.  It'll be next week, along with the annual office Halloween party.  And then, the big day!

We didn't get enough rain, though, to pull us out of our state-wide severe drought.  And it's warm again, close to 85F the other day and 74F today.  Blah.

Doesn't help my hot flashes and night sweats--peri-menopause just sucks!  Some nights recently, I go through two or three nightgowns.  Today giving my historic house tour, I wore my light vest and cranked the AC at the house.  Tours are going well; I always forget how much I enjoy them.  Especially the dressing up and telling stories about life a long time ago.  The kids love making butter and trying on clothes.  And even though they're in third grade, they are often surprised to find out that there was no electricity, no running water, no heat, no plastic, no trains, planes, or automobiles.  Which is why I keep giving tours.

I should get some sleep.  I'm in charge of all the activities this weekend--kung fu, baking for church, going to the minister's installation, attending a lay ministry workshop, etc etc etc--and I need to be awake to do the driving.  My allergies are sneaking back (most people are stuffy again) and I don't want another sinus infection.  So there will be lots of down-time, too.  Besides I have a crocheted blanket to finish for my neighbor whose father-in-law died.  (We all went to the wake--the first for the kids--but that's a whole other post, since neither had seen a corpse before.)

Have a great weekend!

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