Monday, October 31, 2016


I had a lot to write today--about trunk-or-treat at school and horseback riding competitions and our first snow--but got word this morning that my cousin, the monk--my beloved Aunt Sis's son--is unexpectedly in his last days.  I'm just so sad--I always looked up to my very tall, creative, juggling cousin who took Latin which so pleased our grandfather--especially because his father, my uncle, is thousands of miles from him here at the end.  While Cousin had been receiving treatment for leukemia, he was doing well until he very recently developed an intestinal blockage and the doctors have stopped all treatment but palliative and have estimated 24-48 hours, as of yesterday.   He was the light in my aunt's heart and is so loved by my uncle, even in absentia. I send my love across the sea to him in France.  I'll write about the happier things another time.

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