Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My Dragons

As I've told you, the kids got me hooked on the computer game Dragonvale this summer, which consists of building a zoo or amusement park-like world and populating it with a variety of dragons. It's calming, fun, without much game strategy, and a way for us to all bond over a computer game, which they like so much.  I've actually gotten into it--growing food, feeding my dragons, breeding new dragon types, decorating my world with flowers and statues, playing the games to earn more coins or "treats" for feeding.  I even go one step further and name my dragons.

When I started naming my dragons, I had no idea how hooked I'd become.  My first dragons were named after women in my favorite fandoms--Star Wars, LOTR, Star Trek, Marvel, Harry Potter.  But then I ran low on names, so I did favorite book characters, inspiring historical figures, ancestors, etc.  I stuck with female names, so I guess it's a gynocentric dragon world.  Indeed, it's hard not to repeat a name and to think of new ones.  Looking at the list, I see I am much better at choosing fictional characters than historical people as my heroes and inspirations.  I should think on that.  Though, if I were to do historical names, there are a lot of Janes, Elizabeths, and the like.

I even interrupted my post to check my dragons.  I have a Double XP boost right now, helping me to level up.  Don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about?  That's part of the point, to give me some common computer game ground.  Helps that it's fun, too.

My Dragons

  1. Abby, Swamp--Ghostbusters
  2. Abigail, Cave--Adams
  3. Agent May, Poison--"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  4. Alex, Plains--"Supergirl"
  5. Alice P, Smolder--Paul
  6. Angela, Thicket--Lansbury
  7. Anne, Salamander--of Green Gables
  8. Arleene, Spark--family
  9. Artemisia, Inferno--artist
  10. Arwen, Sulfur--LOTR
  11. Audra, Root--Macdonald
  12. Beatrice, Magnetic--Shakespeare
  13. Berthe, Promethium--artist
  14. Blackwell, Bone--Dr. Elizabeth
  15. Bobbi, Blazing--"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  16. Buffy, Evergreen--"the Vampire Slayer"
  17. Caddy, Quicksilver
  18. Cagney, Fungus--"Cagney and Lacey"
  19. Catherine, Rust
  20. Charlotte, Scorch--Cushman, artist
  21. Claire, Forest--Outlander
  22. Daisy, Rain--"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  23. Demeter, Copper--Greek god
  24. DrCrusher, Storm--ST:TNG
  25. Dolly, Trench--Parton
  26. Donna, Thunder--"Doctor Who"
  27. Dory, River Dragon--Finding Dory
  28. Dot, Scoria--"Miss Fisher's Mysteries"
  29. Eliza, Fog--Hamilton
  30. Elphaba, Willow--Wicked
  31. Emily, Luminous--Indigo Girls
  32. Eowyn, Blazing Gale--LOTR
  33. Eponine, Chrome--Les Miz
  34. Fanett, Mirage--teacher
  35. Felicity, Feast--"Arrow"
  36. Fidelma, Hypnotic--mystery books
  37. Frances, Seaweed--aunt
  38. Frida, Pollen--Kahlo
  39. Frigga, Quake--Marvel movies
  40. George E, Glacier--Eliot, author
  41. Georgia, Sandstorm--O'Keefe
  42. Glinda, Air--Wicked
  43. Gwen, Crystal--"Merlin"
  44. Harriet J, Bubble--"Doctor Who"
  45. Harriet T, Ruin--Tubman
  46. Helen K, Lightning--Keller
  47. Hermione, Flower--Harry Potter
  48. Hestia, Miasma--Greek Gods
  49. Hildegard, Ivy--saint
  50. Hillary, Ash--Clinton
  51. Holtzman, Iron--Ghostbusters
  52. Idgie, Ice--Fried Green Tomatoes
  53. Idina, Shimmer--Menzel
  54. Inara, Tree--"Firefly"
  55. Irene A, Crypt--Sherlock Holmes
  56. Janeway, Plant--ST:Voyager
  57. Jax, Ortreat--"Robin Hood"
  58. Jyn Erso, Nightshade--Rogue One
  59. Juliette, Molten--Gordon Low, Girl Scouts
  60. Judi D, Phantom--Dench
  61. Kara, Iron Blossom--"Supergirl"
  62. Kate L-S, Water--"Doctor Who"
  63. Katherine, Halo--Hepburn
  64. Katniss, Smoke--Hunger Games
  65. Kaylee, Orchid--"Firefly"
  66. Kepchar, Glare--teacher
  67. Lady Jane, Sonic--history
  68. Lady Mary, Coral--"Downton Abbey"
  69. Lady Sif, Icy Torrent--Marvel movies
  70. Lagertha, Lava--"Vikings"
  71. Laura I W, Tempest--Ingalls Wilder
  72. Lily, Steel--Tomlin
  73. Lisa R, Trick--professor
  74. Lizzie, Nectar--Pride and Prejudice
  75. Louisa MA, Blizzard--May Alcott
  76. Lucretia, Gamma--Borgia
  77. Luna, Meteor--Harry Potter
  78. Lysistrat, Earth--Greek play
  79. Mac, Lodestone--"Miss Fisher's Mysteries"
  80. McGonagal, Cold--Harry Potter
  81. Maggie S, Glass--Smith, actress
  82. Manie, Meadow--grandmother
  83. Maria H, Geode--Marvel movies
  84. Marian, Cactus--Music Man
  85. Marmee, Palladium--Little Women
  86. Martha, Lotus--"Doctor Who"
  87. MaryS, Dungeon--Shelley
  88. MaryC, Malachite--Cassatt
  89. Mathma, Ooze--Star Wars
  90. Maya, Radiant--Angelou
  91. Me, Metal--"Doctor Who"
  92. Meg, Brass--Little Women
  93. Meryl, Wind--Streep
  94. Mildred, Frostfire--grandmother
  95. Minerva, Light--Greek goddess
  96. Molly, Obsidian--Harry Potter
  97. Nyssa, Harest--"Arrow"
  98. Paisan, Glass--comic
  99. Patricia, Plasma--professor
  100. Paula, Conch--aunt
  101. Pema, Ember--Chodron
  102. Petrella, Bubble--teacher
  103. Phryne, Howl--"Miss Fisher's Mysteries"
  104. Prudence, Hail--"Miss Fisher's Mysteries"
  105. RiverSong, Pepper--"Doctor Who"
  106. Ro, Dark--ST:TNG
  107. Rose, Heat--"Doctor Who"
  108. Roslin, Snow--"Battlestar Galactica"
  109. Ruth, Iceberg--Fried Green Tomatoes
  110. Sam, Mirror--"Foyle's War"
  111. Sarah J, Arctic--"Doctor Who"
  112. Scarlett, Mud--GWTW
  113. Schackett, Mine--teacher
  114. Scully, Fire--"X-Files"
  115. Shane, Forge--"L Word"
  116. Sharon, Lagoon--Salzberg, Buddhist teacher
  117. Sigourney, Firefly--Weaver
  118. Simmons, Vortex--"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  119. Sojourner, Glacier--Truth
  120. Starbuck, Mountain--"Battlestar Galactica"
  121. Stoner, Flash--mysteries
  122. Sukie, Dark--"Gilmore Girls"
  123. Susan B, Watch--Anthony
  124. Thyme, Acid--"Rosemary & Thyme"
  125. Trelawney, Moss--Harry Potter
  126. Vita, Garden--Sackville-West
  127. Willow, Lichen--"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
  128. Wilma, Nosferatu--Deering of "Buck Rogers"
  129. Zoe, Sand--"Firefly"
  130. Agent 13, Delight--Marvel Movies
  131. Alice, Double Rainbow--Austen
  132. Amy, Bronze--Indigo Girls
  133. Angelica, Snowy Bronze--Hamilton
  134. Antigone, Omen--Greek tragedy
  135. Arietty, Summer--The Borrowers
  136. Ashildr, Bizurian--"Doctor Who"
  137. Athena, Thunderbolt--Greek goddess
  138. Belle, Serenity--Beauty and the Beast
  139. Bette, Rainbow--Middler
  140. Billie Jean, Double Rainbow--King
  141. Carolyn V, Ironwood--professor
  142. Clara, Sun--"Doctor Who"
  143. Clara B, Moon--Barton
  144. Cordelia, Nightbloom--Shakespeare
  145. Eleanor, Gold--Roosevelt
  146. Elizabeth, Solar Eclipse--queen
  147. Ellen, Rainbow--Degeneres
  148. Elsa, Snowflake--Frozen
  149. Emmeline, Sanguinite--Pankhurst
  150. Fantine, Bizurian--Les Miz
  151. Florence, Autumn--Nightingale
  152. Francile, Sapphire--relative
  153. Frevisse, Snowy Bronze--mysteries
  154. Gabrielle, Rainbow--"Xena, Warrior Princess"
  155. Galadriel, Opal--LOTR
  156. Geena, Prism--Davis
  157. Gertrude, Rainbow--Stein
  158. Guinan, Electrum--ST:TNG
  159. Hartley, Snowy Silver--"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  160. Helen M, Snowflake--Mirren
  161. Helena, Dawnbringer--Bonham Carter
  162. Jo, Silver--Little Women
  163. Joan B, Bronze--professor
  164. Lacey, Moon--"Cagney and Lacey"
  165. Leia, Nebula--Star Wars
  166. Martina, Moon--Navratilova
  167. Maz, Nebula--Star Wars
  168. Melanie, Melancholy--GWTW
  169. Merida, Lacewing--Brave
  170. Moana, Silver Olympus--Disney
  171. Morgana, Amber--"Merlin"
  172. Mulan, Bismuth
  173. Nan, Bronze--Tipping the Velvet
  174. Nat, Snowy Silver--Marvel movies
  175. Osgood, Snowflake--"Doctor Who"
  176. Peggy C, Chrysalis--Marvel movies
  177. Portia, Nightmare--Shakespeare
  178. Prim, Ornamental--Hunger Games
  179. Radclyffe, Rainbow--Hall
  180. Rey, Nebula--Star Wars
  181. Rosemary, Valor--"Rosemary and Thyme"
  182. Sappho, Prism--poet
  183. Skye, Polarian--"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
  184. Tasha Yar, Flicker--ST:TNG
  185. Tauriel, Gold--LOTR
  186. Whoopi, Seasonal--Goldberg
  187. Victoria, Bronze--queen
  188. Xena, Double Rainbow--"Xena, Warrior Princess"
  189. Zelda, Seasonal--video game (Bud's request)

Names to Consider
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Sonia Sottmayor
  • Elena Kagan
  • Sandra Day O'Connor
  • Carrie Chapman Catt
  • Alva Vanderbilt
  • Dorothea D (or Middlemarch)
  • Jane A
  • Emma Goldman
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Amy Lowell
  • Grisabella, Cats
  • Lady Violet
  • Anne B
  • Jane Seymour
  • Catherine
  • Elizabeth
  • Anne Cleves
  • Troi
  • Eva WS
  • Sylvia
  • Vigee Lebrun
  • Sylvia Boorstein
  • Jane Eyre

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