Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mothers' Day Weekend

It wasn't quite the weekend we expected.  We had planned to go on a lighthouse and seal cruise in the Sound, but the wet, chilly, foggy, windy weather caused a small craft advisory and the captain decided better safe than sorry.  Another time, then.

But we did go see the new Captain America movie in the theater, which is a rarity for us (or at least was; we seem to be going to more movies.)  It was perfectly entertaining, even a bit more morally ambiguous than most superhero movies and thus complicated.  Of course, there will be a sequel.  And we'll probably see it in the theater.

And then on Sunday, the kids surprised us with breakfast in bed, which has become one of my favorite annual rituals.  There was an extensive menu--we had eggs, ham, toast with jam, fruit cup, tea.  Delicious.  And so sweet of them.

We also spoke to both grandmothers to wish them a happy day.

The rest of the day was pretty boring.  Mama and I actually cleaned out a couple of closets, getting ready for the transition from winter to summer.  It was tedious work but had to be done, especially because we're pretty swamped for most of the upcoming weekends.    But, in sorting through years of the kids school papers and artworks, I came across menus and cards from other Mothers' Days.  And that was an extra little gift.

And now it seems to have become spring in one fell swoop.  After eight days of chilly rain (so that even I was tired of it), the sun came out Sunday afternoon (after the time for our cruise had passed!) and will warm us most of the week.  And that's another nice treat.

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