Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hard Landing

My mom and I had a FANTABULOUS weekend at Kripalu immersed in Zentangle.

And then we came home . . . and Sis is sick (with fever now and is home Tuesday for the second day) and Gommie left and I had to cancel my hospice visits and Bud missed a concert at school and I had a run-in with two bitches at Starbucks who threatened to call the cops on me for leaving Sis in the car when I went to fetch her a croissant and me a coffee (I hadn't even gotten to the door of Starbucks when they started yelling at me.  Awful.  I left without going in.  I was angry, humiliated, and scared.  Didn't want to subject Sis to a huge to-do. Or be arrested and charged with a felony by some overzealous system, as has happened elsewhere.  For the record, here is the statute.  It's all about perceived "substantial risk to the child" under 12.)

So, the mystical magical moments of the weekend disappeared quickly.  I'm trying to let go of the shit of yesterday and get in touch with the good stuff again today.

Thanks for reminding me of Anne Lamott's quote, Gommie.  This tile's for you.

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