Thursday, May 26, 2016


Sis is on her fourth day home sick.  On Monday and Tuesday, she had a terrible cough and a low-grade fever (around 100F.) Because of the cough, we took her to the clinic Tuesday evening--her lungs are clear and it's probably just a virus. Wednesday she was achy with all of the above until midday when her temp spiked to 102.6.  Later, it was 103.4F  She's pretty miserable.  We'll be heading to the pediatrician today.

And Mama is now home sick, too.

What a disappointing week.  Sis has missed an orchestra performance, play practice, the official play photos, and now today she is missing field day.  She's sad on top of ill.

Now we're changing our big Jersey shore weekend plans.  Instead of five days on the coast on the way to Bud's kung fu competition, we might just go to the competition without anything else.

Just blah.

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