Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Tonight

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We did most of our celebrating this weekend, with soda bread and a corned beef dinner.  The kids are passed the age of Leprechaun traps (I don't think they ever did that, though it's huge in the younger grades now.)  And there is no pinching people who don't wear green up here--mainly because most of Connecticut is Irish and they NEVER forget to wear green.

But for us, it was a pretty ordinary day.

Tonight, we had a fundraiser at the historic house.  We had a corned beef sandwich dinner and Irish music by a local trio.  Lots of alcohol, including Irish coffee with either Jameson's or something like Bailey's.  I hung out with dear friends, including Mrs. S and family, and talked about all manner of things.  I also caught up with some of our board members and docents.  My main job this even was accompanying the videographer, my neighbor Mr. J from up the street, who is making a video of our little house to be used for marketing and education.  He got some great shots of the house filled with happy, celebrating people.

We also had a raffle.  Board members procure items through donation or purchase.  I made an afghan.  It was fun to watch the winner receive it; she was so excited.  I even spoke to her later.  She had spoken to her 90+ year old mother who was down in the dumps so she was going to send it to her.  I'm so glad she liked it.

I brought home some extras to Mama, who had her own solitary party--just the way she likes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


In an interesting twist, there was a solar storm with Aurora Borealis possibly predicted for our latitude (it reached a 7.33 Kp; we're between 7 and 8, probably closer to 8.)  So Mama and I went outside--to look for green in the sky!  But didn't see any green sky, even for St. Patrick's Day.

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  1. We never have Pi day because we do our dates the correct way round.