Monday, March 2, 2015

Flip Side

For a few years now, I've noticed that sometimes I can hear and understand everything someone says to me, and sometimes I can't.  I've been to two ENTs about it--one said it was my advancing age, another said it was a vacuum caused by my little nose, teeth, and little ears.  Neither had any real suggestions.  And even with two hearing tests, neither said my hearing was anything but average.  Maybe not as good as it had been, but still regular.

Well, I finally did less than average on a hearing test!


Average is to about 15 or so, and I'm closer to 25, if I understand the explanation correctly.

I went to a new ENT, recommended by a friend, last week.  He ran tests--audiology and x-ray.  And I have a bit of a hearing loss in each ear, more on the left, particularly in the high frequencies--all of which means I don't hear all consonants, especially if it's noisy or if the person's voice is higher.  It's not ear wax or build up, not sinuses or infections, not TMJ or jaw pain and inflammation.  Probably the very common sensorineural loss.


And the only treatment is hearing aids.  Which can run expensive.  And aren't covered by insurance. So, they were asking me if it affected my life?  Well, several times a day I have to ask somebody to repeat something, usually Sis, who gets tired of it and says, "Never mind."  So yeah, it affects me.

Still, we're checking into some things.  Trying a nasal spray just in case it helps, though he didn't see fluid or pressure (my ear drum functions normally.)  And I'm practicing trying to always look right at people to hear them better.

But in the end, it'll probably be hearing aids.
Sis said, it's a good thing I'm taking sign language.


But I guess at least I heard her.

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