Sunday, September 14, 2014

What a Weekend!

Friday:  It was date night!  Beloved Babysitter stayed with the kiddos while Mama and I went out to a business party.  The air was cool and breezy; the sunset beautiful.  We didn't see any Northern Lights, though.  We ate a lot of wonderful food:  lobster sliders, eggplant sliders, baked potato pizza, clam pizza, cheese pizza, black beans and rice with guacamole and tortilla chips, mushroom and kale tacos, "dirty" chocolate ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, churros with orange and chocolate sauce. A great evening.

Saturday:  After our usual morning of kung fu and ice skating, we spent the afternoon with one of Mama's friends from her last job, Miss N.  Miss N is moving back to Japan and this was a goodbye visit.  The kids loved talking to her--especially about her trips all over the world (I've never known someone so well traveled--Galapagos Island, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy (next month), Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Nepal, India--and these are just the ones we talked about in passing!)--and eating the French pastries she brought.  The kids did their show-and-tell show, with piano playing, drawings, Nano blocks of Himeji Castle and Neuschwanstein (yes, she'd been to both.)  Sis even made her a Swedish apple pie.  It was a short, but very sweet visit.  And maybe the next time, we'll see her in Japan!!

That afternoon, Bud had a kung fu performance outside at a festival.  Just as the team took the stage, the skies opened up and it began to pour.  The kids performed for a bit, but it is too dangerous to jump and such on slippery grass; besides, the damp was ruining their silk uniforms.  Believe it or not, there were still people in the audience!  Bud was disappointed but brightened soon enough.  Especially after we went out for sushi!

Sunday:  It was our first morning of church at our new time of 11:15.  And we were still almost late!  But only because Ma and Gong stopped by early to bring us snacks they bought in Thailand (some seed cakes, some coconut chews, some tamarind candies.)  It was nice to see them after their month-long trip.  They brought other souvenirs, including a cat shirt for Mama and a bunny door hanging for Sis; I think Bud got some comic books.  I was at the grocery store buying fruit for the children's service at church and lunch makings for the week when they arrived.  About an hour or so later, we left for church.  It was fun to see friends and to begin to settle into the new church year, with a new interim minister whom I like.  After church, we went to the crafts store and then spent some of the afternoon making Sculpey food and then playing outside.  We had a great homemade vegetable soup and then the weekend came to a gentle end.

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