Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Piano Pride

I've started piano lessons!

Yep, having that nice, new piano just sitting in the living room, silent all day while the kids are in school (because, when Bud gets home, it's not silent much until bedtime!), I decided to take lessons.  With our current, peripatetic piano teacher. She usually teaches kids but expanded this fall to include adults.  And so two of my friends whose kids study with the teacher are taking, too.  I've even heard we might have wine-and-music evenings INSTEAD of recitals!

And so I've begun.

I took piano the first time 20+ years ago, for three months one summer before grad school.  With a teacher--a young man at the local music studio--who was still in high school, I believe!  Sure, I learned some notes, I even learned hand positions for all of the keys and could cross over during some songs, but we never did any counting (like with a metronome), nor did we ever do any harmony or chords. This meant I could only play what I already knew and it was always pretty simple with only one note at a time.   I can't recall if that was at my request or he didn't manage to teach me counting and chords, but looking back it seems like we rushed ahead in some areas and stayed way behind in others.

Now, we're doing it right.

Of course, I have no illusions about being a master piano player.  I just want to be able to sit down and play a few songs, even from memory.  Simple folk songs, definitely Christmas songs.  Maybe "Happy Birthday."  In talking with the teacher, we're wondering if I should learn chords so that I can play from a fake book--simple harmonies alongside simple melodies, should sound good.

I think the teacher was surprised that I could actually recall the notes of the treble clef and figured out the bass clef if I went slowly enough.  I think I was surprised, too.

The kids were surprised most of all, I think, when I sat down and plinked out "Aura Lee" (aka "Love Me Tender") this morning.  Bud is ready to teach me his songs!

I think I have a ways to go with that.

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  1. Maybe you know this but the first thing is to get your finger joints supple and active. That means....frequent scales...a bit like running around the block 100 times to get fit for a long run given time and effort and will power it comes to you and that is the easy bit. Good luck to you, I shall call you in 6 months and expect to be able to hear 'Rule Britannia' down the telephone cable.