Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Fun: Not So Summer-y

I've been feeling the beginning of fall all week, an odd occurrence for the middle of August.  But with some overnight lows around 60F, some overcast days, and torrential downpours one night (nothing like the 13" in Long Island, though), it's been soup weather.  It's actually been too cool for the kids to go swimming at friends' houses because their outdoor pools just aren't warm enough.   We've even turned off the air conditioner.  Again.  Of course, thinking about school starting in less than two weeks--with all the shopping for supplies and clothes, getting haircuts, doing last-minute appointments, and squeezing in the last of our summer to-do list--also brings back ideas of autumn.

Plus, I swear I've seen leaves changing on a couple of trees.  Not drought brown leaves, but actual yellow and orange--a few on the side of the road as we drove to see the CT Sun game on Sunday (whew, double overtime!!  What a fun game!!  And we had lunch at Virgil's and dinner take-out at Summer Shake and Bobby Flay's Burger Place.  Plus Krispy Kreme for the ride home)--and even a branch or two in our neighborhood.

But I haven't gotten out sweaters and flannel sheets yet.  There's always a week of 90F days in September, when the poor kids swelter in the un-cooled school buildings.  Still, I'm getting excited about my favorite two seasons coming up.

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