Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Fun: Last Day

Is the day before school really the last day of summer, or has the fun of summer disappeared a few days beforehand?

While we are certainly sleeping in, lazing about, and doing what we want, in general, we have in the back of our minds all the necessary preparations for school.  Bud did sleep in this morning, the first time this summer, and awoke, stating, "Gee, I finally figure out how to sleep in and school comes tomorrow to crush it."  And then he moved right into questions about his new class, including worries that he won't be able to find it.  He was not thinking of all the summer-y things he could do today.

Maybe because we'd done many items on our list already:
  1. Go swimming
  2. Attend town festival.
  3. Go to Broadway show (s)
  4. Beach trip
  5. Putt-putt golf
  6. Eat Dole Whip
  7. Have a barbecue
  8. Have a lemonade stand 
  9. Picnic
  10. Go berry picking
  11. Minecraft-athon
  12. Go to farmer's market
  13. See fireworks
  14. Movie night
  15. Game night
  16. Dance night
  17. Old tv show marathon (ours or theirs)
  18. Play in sprinkler
  19. Go to culture festival (Scottish and Greek)
  20. Go to Renaissance festival
  21. Make jam
  22. Build fairy houses
  23. Sketching outing
  24. Biking 
  25. Celebrate 4th of July
  26. Celebrate Solstice
  27. Birthday parties
  28. Try a new craft/art project
  29. Decorate chalkboard
  30. Purge and donate toys and books
  31. Backwards day
  32. Pajamas day
  33. Tie dye sheets
  34. Wash cars
  35. Try new CSA vegetable in recipe
  36. Community service project
  37. Do nothing special
I'd say that was a pretty good summer.

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