Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Fun: August

We haven't done so well on our list this summer, but it's still been a great summer.  I doubt we'll do too many more of these in the 3 1/2 weeks we have left.
  1. Go swimming
  2. Attend town festival.
  3. Boat cruise to Sheffield Island or Thimble Island
  4. Visit historic house
  5. Visit historical society
  6. Go to Broadway show--this weekend and in two weeks
  7. Beach trip
  8. Take lighthouse tour
  9. Visit a children's museum
  10. Putt-putt golf
  11. Go to driving range
  12. Visit arcade
  13. Eat Dole Whip
  14. Make ice cream
  15. Go to outdoor concert
  16. Participate in Home Depot/Joann's workshop
  17. Have a barbecue
  18. Raise butterflies
  19. Have a lemonade stand (cookies for cancer?)--this week?
  20. Picnic
  21. Go berry picking
  22. Minecraft-athon
  23. Attend music festival
  24. Go to farmer's market
  25. See fireworks
  26. Movie night
  27. Game night
  28. Dance night
  29. Old tv show marathon (ours or theirs)
  30. Play in sprinkler
  31. Go to culture festival (Scottish, Irish, Greek, etc.)
  32. Go to Renaissance festival--in the fall
  33. Go to hot air balloon festival
  34. Go to county fair
  35. Stargazing
  36. Activity kits day
  37. Make jam
  38. Go to movie in theater
  39. Build fairy houses
  40. Sketching outing
  41. Biking 
  42. Hiking (Audubon/Nature Center?)
  43. Celebrate 4th of July
  44. Celebrate Solstice
  45. Birthday parties
  46. Build Lego city
  47. Try a new craft/art project
  48. Decorate chalkboard for summer
  49. Learn to cook favorite meal
  50. Visit Miss S
  51. Make ice cube candles
  52. Organize school papers
  53. Purge and donate toys and books
  54. Backwards day
  55. Pajamas day
  56. No electricity day
  57. Tie dye sheets
  58. Practice knot tying
  59. Do a 1000 piece puzzle
  60. Kite flying
  61. Wash cars
  62. Try new CSA vegetable in recipe
  63. Write to a pen pal
  64. Community service project
  65. Do nothing special
UPDATE:  The kids have added some new ideas:  70s childhood day (i.e. no computers or DVR/DVDs etc); make your own sushi day, Meringue-day with cookies and pie and Eton Mess; baby day, with old videos and pictures; another CT Sun day.

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