Thursday, August 21, 2014


I've lost my glasses.

We were at the swimming pool and I'd removed them to use my new snorkel (that way I can swim without having to rotate my lumbar spine right now.)

At some point between then and the shower, I realized I didn't have my glasses.

And they were gone.

Not in pool area, not in locker room, not in lost and found.

I checked with lifeguards, cleaning staff, office staff.  Even my physical therapist looked around.  I left my name at the front desk.  I called back later.  And looked again and checked back today.

Later, that is, after I found my spare pair in my car--the frames were broken, some of the UV coatings were coming off, and my depth perspective was off because of the crooked glasses.  But thankfully, I had the spare, because I'm still wearing them.

Apparently, I hadn't seen the eye doctor in almost two years so my prescription had expired.  So, I'll wear the spare for two weeks--the eye doctor is very busy with back-to-school--then get the prescription and get new glasses.

Could be worse, surely, but it is a bit annoying.

Almost has me considering Lasik.

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  1. You have surely done all the sensible things, now you have to consider the daft. They are in the car? Empty your purse on to a bed or table, really empty it, right out then feel the lining. Mine turned up after 3 days, I had dropped them on the grass sidewalk and someone had hooked them on to our hedge. Get a very cheap pair made to the old prescription, they will do as a crisis spare. Good luck.