Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Fun: Checking it Twice

Let's check in, here about 10 days into summer.  

From our Summer Fun list:
  1. Go swimming--joined Y and went swimming on the very first day of summer
  2. Attend town festival.  And we were in the parade!!!!  More on this soon.
  3. Visit a children's museum--the kids went to the Peabody while I was learning how to build a fire
  4. Eat Dole Whip--we stopped by the local place and they don't get the pineapple flavor until later  :(
  5. Make ice cream--well, we made ice cream sodas and other sodas with Mama's new SodaStream
  6. Picnic--our first was on the first day of summer
  7. Go berry picking--strawberry!!!
  8. Go to farmer's market--revisited our original CSA market and I went to our town market, tooa
  9. Play in sprinkler--or with the hose, also on our first day of summer
  10. Make jam--strawberry, with Pomona's universal pectin
  11. Go to movie in theater--How to Train Your Dragon 2 twice!
  12. Celebrate Solstice--staying up late with Goo after birthday party
  13. Birthday parties--ice skating, SodaStreams, and cake
  14. Pajamas day--pajamas all day, even for a car outing.  And a Doctor Who marathon.
  15. Try new CSA vegetable in recipe--garlic scape pesto?  one-pot tomato basil pasta?  Yep.
  16. Do nothing special  We're becoming masters of this.
Coming up:  celebrating 4th of July AND a little birthday celebration in honor of our new cousin, who might arrive tomorrow (via induction--good luck, Aunt Banana!!)

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