Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Fun: Another Birthday

We have been talking about celebrating Mama's birthday for months now, starting with our trip to England, but when it came right down to it, yesterday was very low-key.  The kids didn't even want to make her real cards--they designed exploding "happy birthday" messages on Minecraft (the computer game, for the uninitiated)!  Truthfully, I think Mama preferred that.  We even postponed making her birthday dessert--her favorite butterscotch pudding from Bloodroot--because the kids wanted to make it with her.

And we ditched our plans for a fancy dinner at a Malaysian place not too nearby in favor of a local Italian place we'd never tried but heard so much about.  And it was amazing!  We had two appetizers--a crispy crepe with spinach-mushroom filling and a butternut squash-pine nut ravioli, both with amazing sauces.  Then Mama had wild boar in a creamy tomato sauce with cavitelli pasta and I had a mushroom ravioli with truffle sauce.  YUM!  We didn't get dessert, though, because the chairs were the most uncomfortable things ever and all my wiggling upset my SI/tailbone to the point that it went into spasm.  I can't quite sit right now.  But I can walk and it only hurts when I sit, so I count it as a minor flare up, not a major injury.  Still, I'll be relegating the driving for awhile.  Only a week into summer but all the driving to camp and back etc was too much.

So we came home, had the babysitter handle bedtime anyway, and watched some World Cup games we had taped.  A remarkable wonderful birthday?  No.  But it's not quite over yet--we're still going to make that pudding!!

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