Thursday, June 12, 2014

Learning to Be Legolas

Or Merida.  Or Katniss.

Last night, I sat in the old wooden lodge at the local camp for my first archery facilitator lesson as the wind danced in the trees.  It never rained, but we never went up to the range.  It was all rules and procedures we have to memorize for our Level 1 certification as archery instructors with US Archery.  I haven't studied for a test in 16 year!  Can you come up with a funny sentence for this?


I did learn something fascinating:  I am left-eye dominant and, because I am right-handed, this is cross-dominance.  This means I should shoot the bow left-handed, meaning holding the bow in my right hand and pulling back the string with my left.  About 25% of the population is cross-dominant, and apparently the majority of them are women.  I checked Mama last night and she has no real dominance, Bud is right-dominant, but Sis is also cross-dominant--left-handed and right-eyed.  So she should shoot right handed!  If you want to check yourself, here are some tests (we used the Miles test, where you create a small opening with your hands and focus on something in the distance.)  I'd love to think this opposition explains my poor spatial reasoning and sense of direction, but I imagine it doesn't have anything to do with anything else beyond which hand to shoot with.

Tonight, regardless of weather unless there's lightning, we'll be up on the range, learning how to set up, shoot, and encourage young archers.  Then we'll take the aforementioned test and, hopefully, next fall I can teach our Juniors troop about archery.

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