Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day Remembrance

It is the 70th anniversary of the invasion at Normandy.   We remember the Allied men and women on this day in particular and honor their service and sacrifice.

While my maternal grandfather was in the US Army at the time, he did not participate in the landing.  I think he was in North Africa or perhaps in Italy, though he was in France later, I believe.

We talked about it at dinner tonight; they know of Hitler, the Nazis, and Anne Frank, as well as the Blitz.  But they didn't realize there weren't global positioning systems and satellites to help find the enemy and help with the war effort; they didn't know you could have a soldier overseas and not know where he was or even if he were dead.  Another world for them, even having stood inside the bombed out church of St. Dunstan in the East in London.  When they're ready, they can read all about D-Dayin the "TimesMachine" original edition.

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  1. Of the numerous heads of state who were at Aromanches our Queen was the only one who had served during that war. She never got nearer to the action than having her London home bombed but she might have. I have been to Pagasus Bridge, the first place to be liberated and to one of the German gun emplacements at Sword Beach. It must have been hell and more so. There are still a few places near here where some of the landing barges were moored. We will keep them for your next visit.