Sunday, June 15, 2014

Adventures in Cooking Our CSA Share: Fishing for Compliments

Our CSA share isn't only produce but includes cheeses and meats sourced locally.  This week we received fish, some wild Alaskan halibut (don't ask me how they sourced that locally.)  Mama pan seared it in olive oil, with some lemon and various spices--one filet got a Penzey's seasoned salt coating, another got a Wildtree Scampi blend, while the last was bathed in teriyaki.

And the kids loved all three!  (Yes, I know, Bud eats sushi so this shouldn't be a surprise, but he doesn't like plain ol' fish.)


So, now I think we can say they'll eat halibut, Chilean sea bass, mahi-mahi, cod/scrod, sole, haddock, hake, catfish, and maybe tilapia.

(Of course, on the seafood watch list, several of those are either good or bad choices depending on their source.)

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