Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adventures in Cooking Our CSA Share: Our First Box, 2014

Here we go!

  • Candy Crisp Apples (keep in fridge)
  • Green House Beefsteak Tomatoes (NEVER IN FRIDGE!)
  • Bunched Beets (remove tops and keep in fridge)
  • Bunched Carrots (remove tops and keep in fridge)
  • Caraflex Cabbage Leaves (wrap in damp paper towel and keep in crisper)
  • Baby Lettuce Heads (wrap in damp paper towel and keep in crisper)
  • Red Russian Kale (wrap in damp paper towel and keep in crisper)
  • Bunched Spinach (wrap in damp paper towel and keep in crisper)
  • Fresh Oregano ( keep in crisper)
  • Our Full Season Omnivores will be receiving 1 Whole Chicken and 2 Packs of Chicken Sausages
  • Our Full Season Cheese of the week is: Batch 35

The kids are already balking somewhat at all of the lettuce, especially because we still have romaine, arugula, green leaf, and frisee!   It's going to be salad days for me for sure.

We'll saute or stir fry the kale, spinach, and cabbage separately, probably roast the beets and eat the carrots raw.  I'm thinking we'll have to dry most of the oregano for later.

Otherwise, we're a bit in a quandry about the tomatoes.  Neither Sis nor I will eat them raw, but I'm not sure they're the kind you cut up into a salad (for Mama or Bud) or soup.  That leaves a BLT or Gommie and Pop's favorite dill pickle, red onion, bacon, cheddar, and tomato broiled sandwich (though now that we think on it, we wonder if there even is a tomato?)

The chicken, sausages, cheese, and eggs are pretty easy.

Going to be some good eats here this week.

I'll let you know what we do.  Any suggestions are most welcome.

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  1. Yes, there's a tomato. A giant slice of one of Granddaddy's delicious ones. Makes me hungry reading your adventures in eating.